Animal Assisted Therapy

How Animal Assisted Therapy Can Enhance Therapy

Starting therapy can be intimidating, and for children who love animals, Animal Assisted Therapy can be a great option. Many people feel a connection to animals, whether it is pets or other animals in their lives, and this can be especially true for children.

Bringing an animal into the therapy space can help children and adolescents feel more at-ease and safe with the therapist, and can increase buy-in if your child is unsure about meeting with a stranger.

Having an animal in the therapy session can also help children with communication skills, identifying emotions, and regulation skills. For the past two years, I have been including a therapy dog into some of my sessions, and I have seen children open up and form meaningful connections with both myself and the therapy dog as they progress and meet their goals.

I am also trained in providing equine-assisted therapy, where I include horses as well as the outdoor environment to provide a hands-on experience that helps children grow and become more confident. If you have any questions about animal assisted therapy and would like to learn more, please reach out and schedule a consultation so you can get your child on the right track and find the very best fit for their needs.


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