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2 Parenting Tips to Connect with Your Child

We all want to be able to connect with our kids, but sometimes it’s hard. Children go through difficult times and don’t always behave well when they are upset about something.


Here are 2 parenting tips to connect with your child:


First, put away your phone, like, far away, and ask them “What was a ‘win’ for you today?” “What have you been thinking about today?” Give them the floor and your undivided attention. Don’t try to solve their problems. Just listen.

Second, set a timer or reminder on your phone to help you remember to connect. Then provide a space to re-engage with them. 

That’s it! Rinse and repeat. Consistency is key when you’re looking to connect with your child. 


But, I want you, the parent, to reflect on something right now, in this moment: 


I want to take a few seconds to think about the connection with your child – has that connection changed in the past few months? Has there been a rupture in that connection?  Has it been strengthened?

As a child and adolescent therapist, I commonly work with parents whose child is struggling with a wide range of issues but a common area that parents can take for granted is the connection with their kid. This can happen naturally as we all have busy lives and can become consumed with the issues that your child is struggling with. 

You can build emotional currency with your child by connecting with them on issues that do not relate to the issue at hand. Schedule an appointment with me today and we can get to work on how to connect differently and in more meaningful ways.

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