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4 Ways Parents Can Minimize The Confusion of Divorce For Their Child

Though divorce is never the intended plan when starting a family, it is a reality that marriages do end.

And kids, especially young children, are often caught up in the mix without fully understanding what is going on around them. This creates anxiety and confusion and can lead to a negative impact on your child. They might feel as if they share some of the blame, or they might fear that they will lose one of their parents.

Here are four ways parents can minimize the confusion of divorce for their child:

1. Give Assurances & Reassurances


Give assurances and reassurances about the important things, like the fact that the love for your children will not change. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

A divorce is a big shake up for the family, so staying consistent with your affirmations will help the child remain stable and grounded.

2. Stay Positive & Stay United

Reassure your child that though you will all no longer be in the same house, you are all still a team, and both parents will still be there every step of the way for them.

3. Encourage Expression


Be patient with all of your child’s emotions, and let them know whatever they are feeling is OK. They will need all of your support during this time, without judgement or stipulations.

4. Be Concise, Straightforward, & Honest

Let your kids know exactly what will be happening. Knowing the details of things like where they will be staying on certain days will ease the uncertainty that they are experiencing.

The most important thing is to make sure your child understands that no matter the circumstances, they are loved and will always have you there to support them.

If you want to ensure your divorce process is as painless as possible for your child, and would like extra support to help your children process the divorce process, schedule an appointment today, we can help.

– Alyssa Walsh, Child Therapist


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