Anxiety in Teens

4 Signs of Anxiety in Teenagers Who Live in Rural America

There is an anxiety epidemic among rural youth in the United States today. 

But the problem in our part of the country is that there is still a bit of stigma around mental health care, even though a lot of progress has been made in this direction over the past generation in La Plata County.

Here are 4 signs of anxiety in teenagers who live in rural America:


Excessive Worrying

This can manifest in a number of ways and for many people, we feel anxious or worried from time to time. However when it becomes problematic and keeps your loved one from enjoying life to their utmost capabilities, then there is a reason to address an anxiety issue.

Communicating with anxiety and worries about control can help reduce sleep disturbance and irritability as well as muscle tension and fatigue. Additionally, difficulty concentrating or restlessness might also be symptoms that we at La Plata Family Therapy can help you navigate.

Panic Attacks

These acute exhibitions of the autonomic fear response (aka the fight or flight response) can be indicative of anxiety problems. It only takes one of these heart attack-like physiological events to indicate a serious predisposition towards anxiety.

It is important to address panic attack symptoms quickly so that the most intense part of anxiety can be remediated and other anxiety symptoms can be addressed. Sometimes this can involve medication but it need not always.

Phobia Development

Has there been a development of a specific phobia following a traumatic event such as a dog attack or being trapped in an enclosed space for an extended period of time?

These can have ripple effects down the line and it is better to address these phobic traits before they get worse. There are many modalities of care that have been developed by therapists to address phobic behavior and the associated anxiety that can come with them.

Social Withdrawal

Many individuals are extroverts and many individuals are introverts, and for many this is a choice of personal preference. However for many, it is not a choice at all but can be a developmentally  arresting factor.

Navigating people can be difficult even as an adult but especially more so as a teenager just trying to figure the world out. The issue can be fairly common and a little bit of guidance can quell the anxiety around this issue immensely.

If you feel like any of these apply in your family, La Plata Family Therapy can be instrumental in assisting this situation. Click the link below to schedule an appointment today.

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