Sean Evans

Clinical Focus: Adolescent & Adults

What I know about La Plata Family Therapy is that they employ people who listen, and are experienced therapists. They care about what people are going through and want to help. Such a great resource!”

– Stephanie W.


Anxiety | Depression | Grief & Loss | Mindfulness | Trauma | Adults & Adolescents


Master of Counseling Psychology (MCP)
Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LPC)


There are a lot of people who live their days with anxiety and/or depression. For children, that can look like tears for no apparent reason, explosive anger, nightmares, or trouble falling asleep. For teenagers, it can look like a lack of motivation and social isolation from friends and family. For adults, it can look like panic attacks or unexpected anger.

Many people who are experiencing these signs of anxiety and depression may have also experienced trauma. 

I believe that you have the tools to overcome those things that are holding you back from living a full and healthy life. Which is why, for the past 12 years I’ve been helping children, adolescents, and adults journey through the darkness of deep depression, anxiety, and fear, and into experiencing the freedom of living life again. 

If you want to stop feeling stuck and not knowing how to move forward, schedule an appointment today.