Katie Lundvall

Clinical Focus: Adolescent Therapist 

“What I know about La Plata Family Therapy is that they employ people who listen, and are experienced therapists. They care about what people are going through and want to help. Such a great resource!”

– S. W.


Anxiety | Emotional Regulational Issue | Attachment Issues | Self Esteem | Trauma | Social Skills | Behavioral Issues | Depression



Licensed Professional Counselor

Trained in EMDR


M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling, Virginia Commonwealth University,  Richmond, VA

B.S. in Health and Human Services, University of Delaware, Newark, DE


There are a lot of adolescents who want to feel more like themselves and want to be able to clearly express who they are so they can form deeper, healthier relationships. 

They may struggle with maintaining a regular sleep schedule, managing trauma responses, and balancing social interaction with friends and family. They feel anxious and worried about the overwhelming pressures of school and home life, and feel irritable and apathetic about things they used to enjoy. 

But what really keeps them up at night is trying to understand who they are and how they can start to feel like themselves again.

I’m Katie Lundvall and I understand it’s hard being a teen and it can be difficult to be a parent navigating this transitional stage in life. That’s why for the past 14 years I helped adolescents and parents create a safe place to work through these challenges so that your teen can make healthy decisions and express their identity and goals clearly.

Getting started with counseling is easy!

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Step 3: Start Counseling and experience growth

When I start working with teens I focus on building trust with them and involve the parents in the process by providing them with tools to support their teen during the week. 

If you want to help your teen manage their anxiety or depression, stop making self-destructive decisions and gain confidence in themselves, schedule an appointment today! And together we can support your teen through this pivotal time in their life.