Angela Howell

Clinical Focus: Child Occupational Therapist

Angela walks and talks you through the rehab process in a way that is not only thorough but easy to understand and follow and that’s what I needed.”

– Colorado Resident


Reflex Integration | Developmental Delays | Sensory Disorders | Orthopedic Injuries


BLS Certified
Certified Occupational Therapist
Licensed by DORA


Many parents who have children that experience difficulty focusing at school, getting dressed in the morning, or eating a variety of foods often feel frustrated and don’t know how to help. Their days can feel chaotic, their work is often disrupted, and many wonder if it will get better

It’s challenging to have a child who struggles with developmental, sensory, or emotional challenges. And as parents, we just want to help make it better. 

That’s why, for the past 16 years, I’ve been helping children and families work through these issues. I believe parents and children should be supported in developing the skills needed to grow into well-functioning adults. 

If you want to stop feeling overwhelmed and wondering if it will ever get better, schedule an appointment today.

How Occupational Therapy Fits In with Mental Health

Children as well as adults can have big emotional responses to their environment and that can often lead to disruptive behaviors that we see in Mental Health diagnoses like ADHD, anxiety, depression, and social disorders among many others.