Alyssa Walsh

Clinical Focus: Children & Adolescents Ages 3-12

“What I know about La Plata Family Therapy is that they employee people who listen, and are experienced therapists. They care about what people are going through and want to help. Such a great resource!”

– S. W.


Children in transition (divorce, relocation) | Abuse | Anxiety | Anger | Child-centered Play Therapy | Synergetic Play Therapy


Graduate Student in Social Work, University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work, Denver, CO

3 Ways Your Child Is Telling You They’re Anxious (Without Actually Saying It)

Parents want to support their child, especially when they feel like something might be wrong. However, children often don’t have the words to express their anxiety.

But the problem is, they don’t know the signs of anxiety because their children may not be able to verbalize it. Kids often end up keeping their stress to themselves so symptoms can be missed.

4 Ways Parents Can Minimize The Confusion of Divorce For Their Child

Though divorce is never the intended plan when starting a family, it is a reality that marriages do end.

And kids, especially young children, are often caught up in the mix without fully understanding what is going on around them. This creates anxiety and confusion and can lead to a negative impact on your child. They might feel as if they share some of the blame, or they might fear that they will lose one of their parents.


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